Download Link for Windows 8 Report Player

Jet Reports has released a Windows 8 ReportPlayer. Information about this is included here.
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Download Link for Windows 8 Report Player

Postby SJL4782 » Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:49 pm

The Jet Reports Windows 8 Report player is available now on the Windows Store at ... 677a58c1ad

This app from Jet Reports® enables business users to easily download, find, organize and share reports and dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics. This Jet Reports Player is designed to integrate with Jet Enterprise, Jet Essentials and Jet Express, the reporting and Business Intelligence solutions from Jet Reports.

Using this app you can -
- View organized report libraries to find the right report for the task at hand and upload new report libraries your team
- Select individual reports to see the details. The interface is touchscreen enabled for easy navigation.
- Share reports via email or upload to Microsoft SkyDrive using the Windows 8 Share Charm function

The set of reports provided in this app are designed with, and require Jet Express, Jet Essentials and/or Jet Enterprise to refresh the data - however any Excel file can be added to this player.

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