F6 Dropdown

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F6 Dropdown

Postby MikeK » Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:07 pm

While I’m on a roll, the other change that Jet could make, even more important than the *, is to present the table and field drop down lists without having to hit the down arrow or F6. While it is true one could type the whole entry in without one of those two aids, that doesn’t happen very often.

F6 or the arrow add no value to the process and introduce repetitive, frustrating extra keystrokes into almost every query. With the exact same drop down logic already in place, the Jet programmers would just have to change the code to assume that the F6 key had been pressed the moment someone starts typing in a box. Most other software already does this.

Another simple fix with maximum value. I hope this makes it somewhere into their update stream.

Mike Kaptein

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