Calling a NAV Web Service (or any WS perhaps)

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Calling a NAV Web Service (or any WS perhaps)

Postby Jason.Bradley » Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:37 am

Sometimes the dataset available in NAV might be from a staging table. Staging tables are sometimes built within NAV from code residing in Reports or Codeunits. An external method to call objects is of course from a publish NAV Web Service.

So the scenario is that via Autopilot, Jet Report 1 triggers at 8am that has a new NL 'What' Option say 'NAVWS' that builds the dataset. Perhaps getting an optional return value would be great because this would expands it use by getting a value back that could be used for other NL function filters.
Back to the scenario, from Autopilot Jet Report 2 triggers at 8:30am that grabs the newly built data!

Yes, there are workarounds such as using a Job Queue in NAV itself to build the dataset. But I'm just thinking of the general Jet Reports mantra which is empowering end users via the Jet software. :D

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