Hidden Sheets and Scheduler

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Hidden Sheets and Scheduler

Postby Heather » Wed Dec 09, 2015 9:14 am

I would like the ability to hide a sheet, but to indicate that it should NOT be deleted as a hidden sheet when the scheduler runs a report as a Values Only Workbook with hidden rows, columns and sheets removed.

Now I'm sure that many are saying - then just don't put a check mark to remove those items on the final output. But that really isn't optimal.
Here is my scenario - I have multiple reports built which are scheduled to email to me, and I need to then go through steps to finalize the report for management - simply because I can't hide the various data output pages.
These reports do not need to have Jet formulas remain in them, leaving hidden rows and columns only causes issues in using Excel filters, and the various Very Hidden worksheets generated by Jet only make the file larger - so I really do want to get rid of all of those pieces.
But, the report is primarily based on a series of Pivot Tables and Charts - so I really don't need the data page (which the pivot tables are built on) to show.

I would like the scheduler to delete all the hidden sheets EXCEPT for this one - perhaps instead of HIDESHEET this would be indicated by SOFTHIDESHEET
But I'm guessing that instead I'm going to have to write VBA code to handle that (also not ideal as very few people in my organization are comfortable with VBA) - unless someone else has a better solution?

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Re: Hidden Sheets and Scheduler

Postby HPDeskJet » Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:32 am

Thanks for the suggestion, Heather!
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