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Little NL Helper for SQL Query

Postby sanjay » Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:49 pm

I found when using SQL query in jet reports , its lots that need to be done in formatting and getting the fields correct, so I have written a small application that can do NL and NF for SQL query.

1. Enter the SQL query in Raw SQL Query field. Do not include ORDER BY (as excel can do that) and make sure that all the SQL syntax is UPPERCASE.
2. Enter in the cell address in SQL Cell Ref field where you would be placing the Jet SQL query.
3. Enter in the cell address in NL Key Cell field where you would place the NL formula.
4. Click Do Magic and all the required field will be populated.
5. Copy your Jet SQL Query to excel in the cell address that was entered in step 2.
6. Copy your Jet NL formula to excel in the cell address that you entered in step 3.
7. Copy all the NF formulas that you require to call the columns you need.
8. Run the report.

You can edit your filter variables later, but this should give you a pretty quick report using SQL Query.

All suggestions are welcomed.
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