Food Bank CERES & Jet User in Kentucky, USA

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Food Bank CERES & Jet User in Kentucky, USA

Postby mintspider » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:22 am

Greetings y'all *,
My name is Peter Paterson, and have been working with God's Pantry Food Bank, in Lexington, KY, USA, since July 1999.
For most of that time we have been using Navision (before it was a Microsoft product), and now using NAV with CERES.
Recently we gained access to Jet Reports Essentials, set up a training team across our departments, and are loving the experience.
Personally, I am the Food Procurement Coordinator, and work a LOT with reports dealing with receiving and distribution of food by fiscal-year/month, and various categories.
One such report would take almost 2 hours manually to complete in Excel using CERES reports. Yesterday, I wrote the same single report in Jet, and it calculates all the data for us in about 1 minute. This is fantastic!!!
Would to love to hear from fellow Food Bankers also running Jet with CERES to compare notes, but very happy to communicate and learn from the community as a whole!

* BTW, I am actually a Scotsman in Kentucky, moved over here in May 1999, so my "y'all" is yet to be perfected!

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