Dynamics NAV accounts schema transformation

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Dynamics NAV accounts schema transformation

Postby thecebra » Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:27 pm

We often face the problem with our JDM customers that they already maintain Account Schemas in NAV for certain
reports. They want to use them also for their DWH/Cube-reports. However it is quite tricky to transform the wide
variety of possibilities to define Account No and sums in the Account Schema into a normalized DWH Table.
As this a NAV specific case that is very interesting for all NAV customers it would be very helpful to have
something like the Dimensions-Add-In for JDM that would help to transform the Schemas to DWH Tables.
Michael Zettl
Jetreports Certified Trainer

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Re: Dynamics NAV accounts schema transformation

Postby BrianJet » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:10 pm

Hi Michael,

This has been something that we've been looking into for a while now. The issue is that it becomes very hard to standardize because of how "creative" people can get with the use of .., |, *, <>, etc. This makes it extremely difficult to parse everything in a manner that will work properly. This is on our list, however, and I think that this will be very useful. We currently work with a number of clients that want to maintain financial report structures in NAV so they use accounts schedules for this but just use Posting Accounts (no Totaling Accounts, Formulas, etc.). This way that can easily maintain the structure in NAV and we will bring the Acc. Schedule Line table into the data warehouse. We can then easily create a Jet Report to list this data out from the data warehouse and then use CubeValue functions to pull in the numbers. This makes it flexible as well as fast. Having something that will automatically handle some of the more complex calculations would be ideal but we have found that a lot of clients use the simplified version that I mentioned above and are really happy with it.
Brian Petersen
Jet Reports Certified Trainer

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