Enhancements to Look up Feature

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Enhancements to Look up Feature

Postby GAZZA2507 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:24 am

When designing JET reports for those customers without a working knowledge of how to design reports or understand the way JET reports are written, I use the option of creating Look Up Tables. Although the functionality works, I have a couple of issues with is functionality that would greatly improve my customers, and others experience I suggest?

1. When I set up a lookup in JET Enterprise functionality works when I scrol down a list and select this way. What I find frustrating is when there is a huge list of data to select from. A user types data into the text box of the lookup but the lists does not update dynamically (as in most window products and NAV) if I type in the name - ie the lookup does not refine possible choices if I start to type in J E T R . Is this a bug or is functionality not existing to address this. Can this be rectified?

2. Selecting wildcards in JET look up lists or using mathematical notation (>,<, .. and so on) seems to pose difficulties for JET enterprise look ups. I would consider this to be standard functionality. An example would be from a series of invoice numbers in a lookup list to look for all invoices > the selected item. I have as a workaround added some functionality into JET reports but this seems to unnecessarily complicate things at times. Another example would be to select all vendors with the same starting letters e.g. FISH*. Is this functionality there?

Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work.


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