Easy setup of Execution packages

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Easy setup of Execution packages

Postby edronen » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:23 am

Hi All -

Currently setting up the execution package is completely manual. It would be super-helpful if there was a way to make setting up the package easier. Even though the documentation can find everything related, I've got to use the documentation to find everything related and needing a different execution schedule.

Rather than selecting every item involved with a cube, select:
- Cube to execute (or top level item to execute)
- all related objects populate
- warning populates if dimensions from other cubes are used (so individual items may be removed)

Since JDM can already detect related items for deletion and the documentation is able to identify everything related to the cube, hopefully code could even be re-used.

(JDM Enterprise with Dynamics AX 2012 v1.6 data connector )

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Re: Easy setup of Execution packages

Postby BrianJet » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:35 am

Hello Eric,

There will be functionality similar, but not identical, to what you mention in the next release of the JDM which we hope to release in the coming weeks. This functionality will manage the execution of the packages so that the order in which the objects are executed is determined optimally by the JDM instead of relying on the order in which they exist in the project . You will see some references to this under the "Creating an Execution Package" KB article here:


This will apply when the entire project is executed but not with an individual cube (ie: you select the Sales cube and it automatically executes all tables fields in the staging database and data warehouse that are applicable). I do like this suggestion and have forwarded it to our product team as a feature request.

Thank you for the suggestion!
Brian Petersen
Jet Reports Certified Trainer

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